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A Space to Listen to Breathtaking Rock and Roll Songs With Stories 
About Passion and Dedication to Music

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Stadler Rock is a band releasing its new album this summer. I am Henry Stadler, the one behind forming this band. I started this website to share the power of rock and roll music. I hope that people understand that no matter the obstacle, you can always overcome it with dedication and passion.


The Musical Bug

My undying relationship with music began on a late Saturday afternoon in 1972. My buddy and I were throwing around a football below a two-story apartment. Then I heard the Echo, which changed my life for good. A grinding guitar and breathtaking vocals, with harmony bouncing off the walls of that building. I was totally blown away, it was the Raspberries playing Go All The Way, at the WIXY-1260 appreciation day concert at Edgewater park.

I was blown away, and I knew then what I wanted from this world. It was to play music to my heart's content. I play the guitar, bass, drums, and a bit of the keyboard. Remember, once you get bit by the rock and roll bug, there is no going back.